Hemphill_headshot_editedRyan M. Hemphill is a Canadian composer based in Edmonton, Alberta, and is a member of the Victoria Composer Collective and New Music Edmonton. His music explores the mechanical nature of musical instruments, the incidental musicality of machines, and the contemplation of contemporary soundscapes; combining live musicians, algorithmic composition, and electromechanical devices. Thanks to grants from the Edmonton Arts Council and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, he has been able to conduct research on the collaborations of Seattle-artist Trimpin and American composer Conlon Nancarrow, and the digitization of Nancarrow’s Studies for Player Piano.

Hemphill has worked for several arts organisations as an artistic manager, and is currently the production manager for New Music Edmonton. Recently, he has become impassioned by ceramic arts, and has been enjoying his time refining his skills as a potter at Studio 72 in Edmonton.