Developing Lectures on the Studies for Player Piano by Conlon Nancarrow: Edmonton Arts Council Artist Project Grant (2020)

No Pressure: Duet for Propane Tanks and Saxophone (2019)
Saxophone: recorded, looped, and dispersed through propane tank speakers.
Dirt Buffet Cabaret, June 15, 2019. Allison Balcetis: Tenor Saxophone, Ryan M. Hemphill: electronics

Duet for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass (2019) | download score
Electric Guitar and Electric Bass
Premiered March 2019, New Music Edmonton’s “Now Hear This Festival.” Nico Arnaez: Bass Guitar, Ryan M. Hemphill: Electric Guitar

The Colour of Idols: Blue (2018)  |  download score
two voices
Premiered February 24, 2018, East Van Opera’s “The Fall.” Tenor: Nathan McDonald, Soprano: Anna Shill

Overfill Undergrowth (2017)
live electronics, propane tanks & audio transducers
Premiered March 2017, New Music Edmonton’s “Now Hear This Festival.” Solo Electronics: Ryan M. Hemphill

Nancarrow-Trimpin Database: Alberta Foundation of the Arts Individual Music Research (2017)

Digitization of Trimpin’s archives and research on Conlon Nancarrow’s music for player piano; “Creating a Database of Historical Documents and Performance Scores from Trimpin’s Digital Scans of Conlon Nancarrow’s Piano Rolls.”

Looking through Blue Glass (2016)  |  download score
mandolin, banjo, guitar, violin, double bass
Premiered 27 July 2016, Victoria Composer Collective’s “Prior Art”
Justin Boechler: conductor, Alex Jang: mandolin, Ryan M Hemphill: banjo, Nolan Krell: acoustic guitar, Julio Lopezhiler: violin, Dave Riedstra: contrabass

XXXVI Machine (2015)  |  download score
Bb trumper, Bb Clarinet, percussion, double bass, electromechanical percussion machines

Valves & Variations (2015)
Bb trumper w/ EROSS trumpet sensor, electronics

Things Behind the Sun (2014)  |   download score
string quartet
Premiered July 20th, 2014 at the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, Pacific String Quartet. Lundsey Herle: violin, Tyson Doknjas: violin, Sarah Tradewell: viola, Maria Wang: violoncello.

Bridled Belfry (2014)
sound installation

Geometry in Three Movements (2014)
variable ensemble, computer-controlled led & stained glass

IMG_0115_edited    IMG_0170_edited

Spare Change (2012)  |   download score
two C trumpets, vibraphone, baritone saxophone

Confused Studies for Bass (2012)  |  download score
Upright bass, tape

We Love (2011)   |  download score
soprano voice, violin, french horn, percussion

Room to Breathe (2011)  |  download score

vAriaT(i)on-al (2010)
alto saxophone

You Can’t Smoke in Here (2010)
string piano